Mastectomy Division

Welcome to Fitting You, formerly known as Mastectomy Boutique Designed for Living. The company was originally established in April of 2010 to service breast cancer survivors with the products they need and a private place to be fitted for those products.

We carry a complete line of post mastectomy products, from 5 different companies, to provide a great selection and competitive prices.

We provide private, one on one fittings for breast forms, mastectomy bras, mastectomy swimsuits and a line of speciality fashion clothing. The clothing is designed with a built in pocketed shelf bra that provides great support and comfort.  Appointment times are flexible to give you the day and time you may require.

As a trained and certified fitter, it is my passion to give you the best fit possible for all your needs.

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Bra and Shapewear Division

Fitting You has expanded into the non-mastectomy market to provide professional fittings for bras and shape-wear garments. This was done to fill a void in the market for those ladies who were wanting to be fitted by a certified fitter who would provide a product that was comfortable, supportive and cost effective.

We provide confidential fittings, by appointment only, with a flexible time schedule. We are ready to help you begin your well fitted journey and excited to show you how great you will look and feel.

For more information on the Bra and Shape-wear Fitting Division¬†of Fitting You click here…..

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