Foods That Fight Cancer

A 2007 report from the American Institute for Cancer Research and the World Cancer Research Fund has determined that healthy eating, being active and maintaining a healthy body weight can, in time, reduce the incidence of cancer by an extraordinary 30-40%.

Plant foods has an exceptional arsenal of cancer fighters. The disease fighting compounds found in fruits and vegetables known as phytochemicals, seem to combat cancer in a number of ways. In some ways they detoxify carcinogens and in others they defend healthy cells by working as an anti-inflammatory compounds and protecting against cell mutations. Some phytochemicals arouse the immune system which leads to the release of enzymes that could actually stop cancer cell multiplication or growth. Others are potent killers of cancer cells.

To obtain the maximum benefit from your choices in your diet be sure to include a variety of fruits and vegetables. Many of the positive properties of these foods work in combination of each other so be sure to choose many and often. Eating a variety of these foods each day not only will help in maintaining a healthy body weight, but recent studies have shown that women with abdominal obesity and lack of physical activity have an increased risk in developing breast cancer.

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