When should I be fitted for a breast prosthesis after a mastectomy?

Usually between 6 – 8 weeks post surgery for a fitting for a breast prosthesis. You want to be sure that the drains are removed and the scar has pretty much healed before being fitted. If there is edema/swelling, you should wait for that to settle down as well to get a good fit for your prosthesis.

How often can you replace your breast forms/prosthesis?
MSI – Nova Scotia Medical Services Insurance will cover $150 towards to the purchase of a silicone breast prosthesis every two (2) years, with a valid Nova Scotia health card.
Private health care coverage will also pay for a new breast form every two (2) years at 70-100%, whatever your plan covers.

What is the average cost of a breast form/prosthesis?
The cost depends on the style that is chosen. They range in price from $390-$440, so on average the cost would be approximately $400.

Is there extra funding available to help cover the costs?
Yes, MSI – Nova Scotia Medical Services Insurance has a program for anyone with a gross household income of less than $30,000 for an extra $150 towards a breast form/prosthesis and $40 towards a mastectomy bra every two (2) years.

What kind of breast forms/prosthesis are available?
There are full silicone prosthesis available for after a full mastectomy, and there are partial breast form/shapers available for after a lumpectomy and/or breast asymmetry.

Partial breast prosthesis/shapers? What are these?
Lumpectomies are becoming more popular as research continues to advance in these areas. Breast asymmetry may also become an issue in these cases. Partial breast prosthesis/shapers are available in different shapes and sizes to help you have a more even profile.
Advancements in this area have been swift and numerous and have continued to enhance the lives of these women.
*See breast forms page for a photo

Are there underwire mastectomy bras available?
Yes, there are underwire mastectomy bras available. The leaders in this industry have improved the selection greatly to consumers. No longer are you forced to wear the “grandmother’s bra”.
There is a beautiful selection of bras available to suit everyone’s taste.
*See most popular bras on Top Sellers page

Do you direct bill to insurance companies?

Yes, direct billing is available through Medavie Blue Cross and Great West Life. We will call the insurance company to determine your exact eligibility. Any amount not covered by insurance will have to be paid in full before ordering.

Can I drop by the store without an appointment?

Yes, you can drop by the store without an appointment, but there may not be time available at that time for you. To ensure you receive the day and time you would like, an appointment should be made.
Making an appointment will ensure you get the time and attention you deserve, without interruptions.

Do you sell mastectomy swimsuits?

Yes, we have mastectomy swimsuits from Amoena and Anita.

Do insurance companies cover mastectomy bras?

Depending on the private/group plan you have will determine this. Most insurance companies that cover breast prosthesis also cover mastectomy bras. Group plans are much better than private plans for this.
If you are covered for mastectomy bras, they can usually be purchased at any time throughout the year from January to December.


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