Leisure breast form in lieu of a silicone breast form- Is it healthy?

Recently Amoena, who is one of the leaders in the industry when it comes to post mastectomy products, introduced a weighted leisure breast form. Some of my clients were very excited about this new product saying how much lighter and cooler these breast forms are. Yes, they are lighter and cooler but they are not meant to take the place of the silicone breast form and I will explain why.

As you may be aware the top two complaints with the silicone breast forms were weight and heat. Most women found them very heavy to wear, although in actuality they are not any heavier than the breast that had been removed, and of course they were hot, especially in the summer. The companies providing post mastectomy products listened to their clients and moved to create a silicone breast form that was approximately 30% lighter and in addition have added a material that helps regulate the body temperature behind the breast form up against the chest wall. This in turn helps them to be somewhat cooler to wear as well.

With the introduction of the weighted leisure form, a lot of my clients have been asking for this breast form in lieu of the silicone breast form. This has created somewhat of an issue when it comes to purchasing the light weight form in place of the silicone form especially if it is to be worn on a regular basis.

When a breast is removed there is a significant amount of weight that has been removed. Of course it can depend on whether it is an “A” cup or a “DD” cup, and naturally it is heavier when you are talking a “DD” cup or larger. With that weight being removed, your body has now been placed out of balance and your body will cheat and do what it needs to do in order to compensate for that loss of weight and try to regain some balance.

Some of the issues that can arise from this is curvature of the spine, back and/or neck pain, a shoulder that will begin to rise, as well as seeming to be pulled to one side or going to one side when walking for example. This is why it is important to be properly fitted by a certified fitter of breast prostheses and as quickly as you are able after the surgery. This is usually a 6-8 week wait for your body to heal well enough to be able to carry the weight of a breast form, but some of my clients have been fitted as soon as 4 weeks post surgery with their doctor’s permission.

So, having explained the reasons for a full weight prostheses I am sure you can see why a light weight leisure form is not meant to be worn as a breast prostheses on a regular basis. A leisure form is meant to be worn in your leisure time, perhaps at night when relaxing an watching some TV or for a few hours when you are gardening. If you were to wear your silicone breast form during the day then changing for the evening is perfectly ok. It is not ok to wear the leisure form all day, every day as the replacement of the weight isn’t there and there is a definite possibility that the issues explained earlier can occur. Once the shoulder has raised, unfortunately there isn’t any way to get it back down.

It is important to speak to your certified fitter about these issues and she can advise you of the best options for your specific needs. It would be great to save yourself some money as there is a significant difference in price, but not at the expense of possibly causing worse health issues.

Your feedback is greatly appreciated. Please feel free to share ideas, thoughts, and suggestions in the comment area.

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