Welcome to Fitting You!

Your best shape begins with a great foundation!

Welcome to Fitting You!

I am excited to have joined two businesses into one and to be able to help more women look good and feel great!

Mastectomy Boutique-Designed for Living has changed it’s name to “Fitting You”, which will have a mastectomy division, for breast cancer survivors, and a bra and shapewear fitting division, for ALL ladies.

Although breast cancer survivors are still my top priority, it gives me great pleasure to be able to service the women who want to look good and feel great, as your best shape really does begin with a great foundation!

Having a properly fitted bra, and a breast form for breast cancer survivors, will make you look better, feel better and give you the smooth profile you are looking for. In many cases it can improve your posture and may help relieve back and/or neck pain caused by wearing the incorrect size bra.
In my many fittings to date, it is clear that most women are wearing a bra for comfort and not for support, and are quite surprised at how much better they look and feel when having their breasts properly supported.

My services are guaranteed, from the fitting to the actual products you purchase. I have had way too many women tell me they spent hundreds of dollars on bras, only to have them sit in their drawer. I want you to be able to wear your purchase with pride and feel great knowing how well you are supported and how much better you look and feel because of it.

Please take some time and go through my website as there is a lot of pertinent information contained here. I will be updating and adding new things as they become available, so we all are up to date on what is new and upcoming.

I will also be getting back to regular blogging. In many cases I may put up articles, written by someone else, so as to educate and inform. In other cases I will be writing my own articles and will draw from the many experiences I have had in the past years and things that I have learned.

I hope to keep you informed and up to date on the latest advancements in the breast cancer world, and also in the learning of proper bra fittings, how to keep your bras looking/feeling their best and many other things that may be of interest. Please be sure to comment and tell me how I am doing or something that you may like to see covered in my blog.

Thanks so much for reading and stay tuned!

Your feedback is very important to me. Please feel free to leave a comment, thoughts or suggestions in the comment area.

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