Choosing a mastectomy bra

Besides the fact that you now have to wear a bra that has a pocket for a breast form, you also have a lot of choice in the styles and colors that are available. This may provide an overwhelming amount of choice.

My advice is to stay with the style you have always been wearing as it will likely be the most comfortable for you to wear. I also advise ladies who need this specialty bra to choose a bra from a company that also makes and provides silicone breast forms.

The reason for this advice is simple, these companies know how a silicone breast form should fit inside the pocket to provide the best fit and support. The cups of a mastectomy bra are made to completely contain the breast form so no silicone actually touches the skin.
In the case of an underwire, the wires are much wider than those of a regular bra, or a mastectomy bra that is made by a company that doesn’t make and provide breast forms, because the footprint of the breast form has to fit inside the wires. If it doesn’t, you chance poking a hole in the breast form from the wire.
Even if it isn’t an underwire, the cups are made different and therefore may not provide you with the support you need and thus affecting the comfort of wearing a bra.
The mastectomy bras made by a company that specialize in breast forms as well are made very well. This is the case because the bra has to be able to withstand the weight of the breast form and still provide excellent support and comfort.

Some of the best selling and quality mastectomy bras come from these companies; , , , and . With a selection from one of these companies you will be well on your way to having quality that you can trust and comfort you can count on.
Mastectomy products, whether it be breast forms, mastectomy bras or specialty clothing with built in pocketed bras are TAX FREE! Be sure when purchasing that you are not paying tax on your products as a lot of lingerie stores that may provide off the shelf mastectomy bras may not be aware of this.
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